Contemporary fibre art
inspired by nature

by Elle Collins

I'm inspired by nature's strength, but also it's fragility.

Weaving helps me express this by creating tactile works of art to achieve a unique statement in your home. A statement that doesn't overpower your environment, they work with it to achieve warmth, calmness and intrigue.​


About Me

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These pieces are focused on

the sculptural qualities in the forms of nature.

By surrounding yourself with

soft textures, it evokes comforting feelings of happiness and calm in the home.


These pieces are inspired by the positive influence of plants.

Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger,

fear. and stress. It can even boost moods and productivity. 


These pieces are inspired

by the power of the sea. 

When we look deep into the vastness of the ocean, small worries are unimportant and

life is put into perspective as

the waves come rolling in.                     


Fully bespoke  pre-made lampshades, or DIY kits.

Make it yourself or give as a gift.

Creating a warm soft glow to ease you into relaxation.

For ceiling light fittings or table/floor lamps.


These pieces are inspired by a shape which has a unique aesthetic appeal, due to it's affinity with nature.

Abundant in so many aspects

of life and a symbol of nature's grace in growth, expansion,

and renewal.

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Here is my curated selection of unique and vintage finds.


The majority of my home is full

of handmade or secondhand furniture and decor.

I'm very passionate about sustainability and supporting artisans

Meet The Team


Elle Collins

Left my career as an Events Coordinator to pursue the love of weaving. I don't like to restrict myself so you'll see other mediums sneaking in!


Mia Moon

The purrfect 'working from home' companion. Loves posing for photo's and only eats wool if it's in reach.


My Plants

Bought one and it escalated to nearly 100! They do a grand job of bringing the 'outside in', complimenting my art and aiding relaxation.

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