About me

My name is Elle, I’m a Fibre Artist based in the West Midlands UK, originally born in Canada.

I gained my degree in Jewellery Design & Silversmithing at Loughborough University. My background is in metal work but I have always drawn inspiration from the world around us.

It was many years later I realised I needed to explore that further, on a much larger scale using softer fibres. My love for textiles and home decor has flourished since leaving full time education, which has led me to thoughtfully create wall art for you to adorn your home.


I mostly use the technique of traditional weaving on a pin loom, but I often venture into wet felting, needle felting and wood work to achieve my designs.


My art is inspired by a great love of natural forms found in nature. I am especially influenced by coastal landscapes and how plants flourish and reclaim in the face of unnatural obstacles. I draw inspiration from these sources by creating contemporary pieces that interpret these organic elements, either literally in my plant themed works, or in the composition of an abstract piece.


My aesthetic is a need to be surrounded by soft and calming textures, to find respite from the stresses of structured life. I feel comforted by embracing the beauty in imperfection and one of a kind creations. As someone with anxiety, weaving is my medication. For me, weaving is a slow and intentional process; it allows me to be fully in the moment and to get lost in the process of creatively expressing my inner thoughts, dreams, fears and hopes.


As a family of 3 we explore as much as possible in our camper van, favouring the North Cornish/Devonshire coastline or the mountainous National Parks and waterfalls in Wales. In the images below you'll see a snippet of our UK adventures.


‘Bamaluz’ is a beach in St.Ives, Cornwall. This is where the love of my life proposed and our journey began.

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