About me

Thank you so much for visiting my website! Here's a little bit about me...


I’ve always been creative, studying Jewellery Design & Silversmithing at university, but my weaving journey began while pregnant with our first child, Hudson. I had this overwhelming urge to nest and nurture, and began collecting plants and wanting to surround myself with calming soft textures. I feel that handmade pieces should be cherished for years; my pieces are made with passion and inspired by the fact that no two pieces will ever be identical, much like nature’s unique beauty.


I’m also passionate about using ethically sourced materials wherever possible. The driftwood I source from the UK, I comb the beaches myself every time I visit Cornwall and Devon. The brass pieces I use are made in Europe from reputable companies and the pre-formed wood pieces (hoops and beads) are sourced from companies who use untreated wood from sustainable forests.


So what does Bamaluz mean? Bamaluz is a beach in St. Ives, Cornwall. This beach is my happy place and fills me with so much inspiration. Textures from the rocks and colours from the land and sea.