*WAITING LIST CURRENTLY CLOSED* For those on the waiting list, I will be in touch when I begin to make these again, currently focusing on new designs while childcare is so unpredictable at the moment (due to Covid)!


To see more pet portraits I've done please click here


-Single portrait is £145

-Double pet portrait is £295


Handmade pet portrait wall hanging using luxurious ivory wool, woven on to a piece of driftwood, brass or aluminium rod with handmade needle felted animal head using British merino roving wool.


When you are ready to order, just email me photos of you pet (before or after ordering is fine! elle@bamaluzhome.com) and I will send you photos of the felted pet face to check all is ok before sending you the finished wallhanging.


(If you would like more than 2 portraits, just ask and I can give you a quote).

Bian teylu (little family) Pet Portrait

  • 1 pet:

    Driftwood width (approximately) - 24cm

    Width - 14 cm

    Length - 65cm


    2 pets:

    Driftwood width (approximately) - 37cm

    Width - 27 cm

    Length - 65 cm