Handmade woven wall hanging with hand painted sea and embroidered bubbles using hundreds of french knots.
Available hung on driftwood or wood. I can stain the wood or paint in a colour of your choice. The small and medium size I can hang on brass or aluminium rod. Just ask and we can discuss what you would prefer.
These new designs are a labour of love! Each piece is totally unique due to the colour mixing process and the way the paint dries while the hand woven wall hanging is still on the loom, no two will ever be the same. Once the paint is dry I can then begin the embroidery process, then add the tassels and finally remove from the loom.
I can mix the paint to your favourite coloured sea, whether its a tropical sea, deep ocean or a lagoon! I just need a photo of your favourite sea colours. If you have seen one I have previously made which you particularly want me to copy, just say.
I have a few sizes listed but I can make any size, just get in touch for a quote. (Size large is the size of half the Extra large in the photos)
Inspired by the Cornish coast and the way the waves revert back into the sea

Tonnow (wave)

  • Size Small

    Driftwood width (approximately) - 21cm.

    Weaving width - 10cm

    Total length - 79cm


    Size Medium

    Driftwood width (approximately) - 32cm.

    Weaving width - 20cm

    Total length - 95cm


    Size Large

    Driftwood width (approximately) - 50cm.

    Weaving width - 30cm

    Total length - 150cm


    Size Extra Large (1 or 2 sections)

    Driftwood width (approximately) - 90-100cm.

    Weaving width - (2x 30cm or 1 piece of 60cm)

    Total length - 150cm