Handmade woven wall hanging with hand painted sea and embroidered bubbles using hundreds of french knots. Hung on steralised driftwood collected from the Cornish coast.


These new designs are a labour of love! Each piece is totally unique due to the colour mixing process and the way the paint dries while the hand woven wall hanging is still on the loom, no two will ever be the same. Once the paint is dry I can then begin the embroidery process, then add the tassels and finally remove from the loom. 


Inspired by the Cornish coast and the way the waves revert back into the sea

Tonnow (wave) on driftwood

  • Wood width  - 56cm.

    Weaving width - 25cm.

    Total length - 68cm.

  • This exact piece is ready to be shipped within 1 week